About Us

About KefirCo


 We are the first company in India to bring to you the world's most powerful, 100% pure and natural probiotic - Kefir. 

Way more than a fermented drink resembling yogurt, kefir is a food that is packed with living and brilliantly symbiotic microorganisms, phosphorous, folic acid, lactic acid, biotin, vitamin K, and B-vitamins, among others. 

A higher probiotic count per serving means bigger potential benefits to your digestive health and immune system, resulting in overall good health. 

Our Story


 KefirCo was started as a labour of love coupled with dedication in April 2014 by people passionate about health. 

 The vast and wide experience of working with people from forty two nationalities spanning about thirty countries that came under its founder's belt (in his gut!), ensured getting it right and in its purest form.

Why KefirCo?


We genuinely care and express this in the quality of our product.   Each of our kefir variants is an elixir in its most untouched and unadulterated form, as it were to come to you, straight from nature. 

We make and deliver kefir in a specially created unit (temperature-pressure-humidity -controlled) that came by as a result of extensive research and several trials and errors, permutations and combinations, to give this miracle drink the exact environment it gets in the country of its origin, Russia. 

And you know it when you have it because Health is a gut feeling!